Why Tennis?


As a form of exercise, tennis provides several physical benefits for our bodies. Studies show that those who play tennis regularly have stronger bones, better cardiovascular health, and continued brain development.


Not only does tennis have a positive effect on our bodies, but it also provides benefits for our minds by impacting our cognitive and emotional states. Studies show that tennis players demonstrate higher levels of vigor, optimism, and self-esteem and lower levels of depression and anxiety, confusion, and stress than other athletes and non-athletes.  Additionally, tennis outperforms many other sports in the area of developing positive personality characteristics like sociability, spontaneity and focus.  

Get Started with the Sport of a Lifetime. 


Learning tennis today is easier than ever before. By determining the appropriate sizes of courts, racquets, and type of balls, this sport can be modified to best suit players of any age, physical development level, and technical ability. Additionally, there are several types of tennis opportunities that accommodate any schedule, level of commitment, and type of tennis “career” you are interested in. Tennis is a game of progression, so even though you may start small, your game can grow with you for a lifetime.


To learn more about how to make your tennis game the “right size”, please select the age group that best applies to you. These charts provide a breakdown of different courts, racquets, balls, and tips developmental stages to help you maximize the success of your game.  


Learn more about the various tennis programs offered by USTA Texas.


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