School Programs

USTA Texas proudly promotes Tennis in Schools and provides materials, equipment, and additional resources to support your school’s athletic programs and health and wellness goals. No traditional courts are required, and the USTA Schools Curriculum provides teachers with the tools they need to  “right-size” the game according to their kids’ ages and abilities, and to manage large class numbers in a non-traditional, dynamic, and energetic tennis environment.


The USTA School Tennis Curriculum is part of a national initiative that strives to help volunteers, teachers, and coaches integrate tennis into their school’s athletic programs. By providing lesson plans, teacher training, and tennis equipment to schools, we encourage kids to be happy, hearty, and healthy through the lifetime sport of tennis. 

For more information about tennis at the local level, visit the Tennis Service Representative page.


PE Programs

Enable your kids to make smart health and wellness choices by incorporating tennis into your school’s athletic program. No courts are required, and the game can be sized right for students’ age and ability. Registration includes a recognition certificate and an incentive gift.

No-Cut Tennis Teams

Make a difference in the lives of students by providing them the opportunity to participate in a school sport, regardless of age, ability, or background. Registration includes a recognition certificate, a “Rules of Tennis Handbook, and a subscription to Tennis Industry magazine.

Net Generation High Schools Webpage

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If you are a PE teacher, administrator, or parent and would like to bring tennis to your school, please contact:

Schools Coordinator
Ainsley Williams

(512) 443-1334 ext. 206


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