JTT - For Players/Parents

What is Junior

Team Tennis?

Junior Team Tennis is a team match play product for player ages 6-18 who are comfortable serve, rally, and scoring. JTT brings together players on a team to play lines of singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other teams of similar ages and ability level. 

Why should I/my child play Junior Team Tennis? 

With Junior Team Tennis, you’ll learn about unity, sportsmanship and how to work together to achieve success. You’ll also learn that success isn’t just about winning; it’s about how you play the game and respond to challenges. JTT is a fun alternative way to increase match play experience with the support of your team to cheer you on. 

What if my child isn’t ready for Junior Team Tennis?

While Junior Team Tennis is an environment for our junior players to become more confident with match play, participants are expected to be able to serve, rally, and score without assistance. If a player is not ready for this step USTA’s new team event products (Team Challenge & Team Tournament) can build up their experience. Many of these products are hosted through local tennis centers, schools, and community organizations. Talk to your player’s coach/teacher to see if they’re running these programs near you. For more information on these products in your area contact Veronica Nicholls at nicholls@texas.usta.com.

What division should I/my child play in? 

USTA Texas offers a variety of tracks and divisions for players of all ages and abilities. Local areas host tracks and divisions based on interest from their community. Click here for a breakdown of the different divisions and tracks areas host. To find out what divisions are tracks are being hosted in your area, contact your local ALC.


USTA Texas began using Junior Ratings in 2017. For more information about Junior Ratings and how to find your Junior Rating click here

How do I

get started?

1. Find a league and contact your local Area League Coordinator. Your local ALC will help you find a team near you of similar ability and age.


2. Create a USTA account on TennisLink. Your local league may or may not require you to have a USTA Membership. Be sure to check with your Team Captain or ALC.


3. Register for a team

How can parents get involved?

Nearly 100,000 kids nationwide play Junior Team Tennis annually, thanks to the parents who donate their time and talents. In fact, your parents can get involved today, whether they’re pros or if they’ve never picked up a racquet. They can even start a team if there isn’t one nearby. Learn More about being a team captain.



Note: Make sure to stay in touch with your team captain and area league coordinator throughout the season. They will notify you of your player's match schedule, special events and the next season league information.

For more information about Junior Team Tennis, please contact:

Junior Team Events Coordinator
Veronica Nicholls

(512) 443-1334 ext. 215


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